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01 - Part One: Thoughts About Worthless Things and the Future [8 Brief Notes in the University Square].mp3 31-Aug-2016 12:30 11.4M  
02 - Part Two: Sadness and Hopelessness [Conversations in the Lobby].mp3 31-Aug-2016 12:30 10.5M  
03 - Part Three: The Advent of Madness [Lucubrations From the Nightmare of July 8th].mp3 31-Aug-2016 12:30 9.5M  
04 - Part Four: No Guide [22:30 (End of the Day): Solitude and Weariness And... Solitude After All].mp3 31-Aug-2016 12:30 25.9M  
05 - Part Five: Darkness [Last Tests, Conclusion and the Obscurity at the End of the Tunnel].mp3 31-Aug-2016 12:30 18.5M  
Kathaarsys - Anonymous Ballad.torrent 31-Aug-2016 12:30 3.6K

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